Three new products enter into market in July
Column:News Time:2012-08-14
Three new products enter into market in July

1.Two-Part Solidified Thermal material

The thermally conductive materials of Spart series is the liquid silica gel of two-part ceramics gap filler which can be used for cooling   electronic components. It’s a kind of soft and high tenacity elastomer   after curing and will not stress electronic components. At the same   time, the surface jointing more closely with the material can guarantee the low thermal resistance and is conducive to thermal transmission   between thermal components and peripherals.

2.Thermal Clay

Syreln Thermal Clay series is the ideal material for applications where large tolerance differences create the need for compression of interface  material beyond 50% of its original thickness. In conjunction with  outstanding compression characteristics, Sclay has a high thermal  conductivity that results in very low thermal resistance and it is   naturally tacky, not requires any further adhesive coating.
3. 5w/mk High thermal conductivity pad

Syreln Spad5000, a thermally conductive filler Spad with high   compression stress, has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, low  cost and low hardness. With the excellent surface fallibility, this   soft thermal conductive material can fit with the assemble component   correctly with very little pressure. This material is widely used in   Telcome, IT, Power Supply, Electromechanical and Medical Equipment, etc.

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