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    Welcome to join  the Celen team. We strive to provide employees with an open,  "people-oriented" talent concept, focus on the absorption and training  of talents at all levels, and strive to create a development platform  for employees to reflect value and achieve their dreams. If you are the talent we are looking for, please submit your resume.


    As an employee of Celen Corporation, the company will provide excellent salary and benefits. We  will continue to be committed to provide our employees with more  flexible and comprehensive benefits, so that you can better take care of  yourself and your family to a certain extent.
    ● Social Insurance (Endowment, Medical, Industrial Injury, Unemployment, Birth)
    ● According to the state's statutory holidays. There are marriage leave, maternity leave and annual leave
    ● Excellent pay
    ● Five-day and eight-hour work schedule